The Workshops

All sessions are themed self-contained sessions or monographics, tailored to your needs or offerend around perceived needs, like the seasonal celebrations, the “Rise up women” sessions. They contain vocal warm ups, physical activity, song and they may contain dance and movement (check specific workshops).
Workshops are designed to support people who are used to singing and also who are not familiar with singing, liberating tensions and liberating the voice in an spontaneous and natural way. Understanding that the whole body is our instrument when we sing, we can gain awareness in how we use our voice and our body and use this as a way for self transformation.
Repertoire can be varied, from traditional songs until creating our own song, and vocal improvisation, as well as movement. Chanting and meditative singing are also an important part of the singing session.

Seasonal Singing Celebrations

I personally don’t hold any kind of religious or esoteric belief. However, I understand and experience “magic” or “spirit” as a product of our senses and creative mind, that can have an enormous impact in both our mind and body. As influenced by artists like Alejandro Jodorowsky (Psychomagic), and looking for common ground in the intention of generating a container that can hold people from all beliefs, I find that celebrating the seasons is a fenomenal common ground where we can all meet and share, and agree and celebrate!

There are events that celebrate something as natural as the seasons, that is embracing and inclusive to a great range of beliefs, is indeed what I attempt to construe with seasonal mindful celebrations with singing.

In an increasingly secular society, the artist is the new Shaman. The artistic mind, the creative, can be a vehicle that connects the material and natural world and the world of the psyche, and if seasoned with a thorough artistic and humanistic training and knowledge of cultural, and social references, the artist makes herself capable of providing the public with aesthetic experiences, physical, psychical, emotional, intuitive experiences. The creative mind is in contact with the inner world and expresses it in relation with the perceived world, as being an artist means to be in touch with the world of the abstract.

Primal Singing Integrative

Primal Singing Integrative is about connecting with ourselves through voice, about liberating and giving voice to our inner being.

The act of letting vocalising letting sounds come out of the singer has often been found in shamanic traditions, and its as well a common practice in small children.

In many shamanic traditions, singing has been considered a way to heal ilness and to connect people with themselves. It is believed that the song has the capacity to open doors between the natural and an invisible world.
Magic singing has been developed in numerous traditions, like it is described from Nordic shamanism, (seidr, galdr and runesongs), Tuvan shamans, Icaros in Ecuatorian and Peruvian Amazonia.

They can also call it the “Soul Song”. Native Americans… sing songs that they believe come from a source that is beyond themselves, and singing them goes together with a state of focused trance.


Integrates elements from emotional improvisation, body-mind consciousness, pedagogy, voice training, movement and breathing, and its main objective is the wellbeing and emotional expression of its practitioners, aside from aesthetic criteria. It’s breaking down into various activities that support participants in being able to be less self-conscious and let their voice sing themselves. Primal Singing can also support singing students in their practice, specially with regards to performance and be a way to support creativity and self expression with non-verbal people.