What is Mindful Singing

If Mindfulness is about observation without criticism and focusing in the observation of emotions and physical sensations, Mindful Singing is about observing and feeling how your voice feels in your body and mind.

Workshops are designed for those who wish to approach to voice production and singing in a way that is close to meditation and self exploration.

Sessions contain breathing exercises, sound meditation, chanting, massage with your voice vibration, and Primal Singing Integrative TM… leaving behind competitiveness and performance-related stress, so that you can relax, let your voice go and enjoy the process.

Mindful Singing in Richmond

In order to have Mindful Singing workshops locally, I have created the Meetup Group called Mindful Singing in Richmond and Kingston Upon Thames, so if you are local or can travel to the area, join us and you will be kept informed of every activity that is programmed. It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and like minded people.

We enjoed a Spring 2019 Equinox Singing Celebration, and a Summer 2019 Solstice Celebration that included not only singing, but also meditation and dance. An opportunity to enjoy the freedom of letting your voice and body move, for the pure enjoyment of it and the sharing with others.