Maria Soriano




I have been working as a singer and voice leader for more than twenty years in the private and public sector, and now offering the best of what years of reflective practice and personal background have inspired me to put together in the shape of creative group sessions, presentations and performances, all curated and oriented to promote and enhance creativity and wellbeing.

A conservatory trained singer, I have performed historic music (medieval to romanticism) before I became an improviser, with performances with various ensembles (Punto Cero, FOCO Orchestra, and London Improvisers Orquestra in numerous improvisation festivals).

With a deep interest in psychology, visual arts and dance, I ground my work in the exploration of the creative performer and the relationship between health and wellbeing and the arts. I am into teaching voice and communications skills, delivering creative workshops that combine various arts and skills, and supporting people and most specially women into discovering and embracing their power.